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Sea Spider

A small friend found its way into your skull one night and made its home within your fleshy recesses. You're different now. Perhaps its the magic that makes you different or maybe the wanderlust or possibly the cravings. Or maybe you aren't different, after all, you've seen others like you who share the same friend in their skull. What you do know is that whatever is in your skull loves you, will care for you, and all it wants in exchange is to see the world.

The Sea Spider
Bogdan Rezunenko
(Using Oblidisideryptch's GLOG rules for warlocks

Wants to gather experiences from the world. Dangerously curious. It tugs your attention towards the unexplained in hopes that you will seek it. It's unknown exactly why it wants to gather experiences, and what these will be used for, but it's an innocent goal when compared to to other known warlock patrons.

Starting Equipment
A sling made of knotted seaweed with a pouch of fossil-like rocks, an intricate lantern with fuel, a fist-sized pearl, a bottle full of eyes preserved in saltwater (2D6 sets of eyes, human and animal)

You can communicate crudely with sea-creatures, things with tentacles, and things with blue eyes, regardless of language barriers. They often don't have much to say.
Instead of blood, you spill the sea. Saltwater, sand, small crustaceans and all.

You can shoot ocean spray from your palms and eyes. Short range, small bursts.
You can change the appearance of your eyes at will.
You can tell the direction and very vague distance of the last place a person or creature has slept if you eat their eyes.

Obligations (D8)
1. Eat DEBT pairs of eyes. You aren't immune to possible diseases that you can contract from eating these.
2. Discover DEBT secrets from mortals that would ruin them. Never reveal the secrets, even if it would be considered a good thing to do so.
3. Hear DEBT true stories from people. Tie up any loose ends that present themselves.
4. Rescue DEBT criminals from their confines. They always have the best tales to tell.
5. Create an effigy made of the eyes and limbs of a DEBT HD creature.
6. Kill DEBT pathological liars or charlatans.
7. Make DEBT lies become truths. (If somebody lies that they lost their arm to a tiger, make their lie happen to their other arm or body part)
8. Find another adventurer who follows the Sea Spider and aid them in whatever strange adventure they're going on.

Patron's Gift
If you would die, you instead undergo a quick and hideous transformation. The flesh on your chest unravels like a curtain and reveals many, many, many, many long and jagged spider-legs that feel the space around your ribs, twitching, looking for something to do. You can climb as well without climbing gear as with it. You get an extra action during combat, this action must include use of the spider legs (such as lashing out and attacking with them, scuttling away on your belly like some grotesque human-crab-abomination, grappling somebody with them, etc.) You also take no fall damage. You must make a Wisdom save every time you sleep. If you fail, you wake up on the nearest beach without any clothes, the spider legs all making a praying motion towards the water. If this happens three times, you return to the cold and black depths of the sea, never to be seen again.

This same transformation happens if you accrue too much debt. Except, the spider deems you unworthy and the legs will scuttle towards the nearest sea to drag you underwater forever. You can resist as much as you want against this, but the spider legs are unrelenting, and will regrow stronger than ever if cut off. 

1. Babble
Range: 30 Feet | Target: DICE creatures | Duration: SUM minutes
If the targets attempts to say something, they instead say what they're currently thinking aloud.

2. Curiosity
Range: 30 Feet | Target: DICE creatures | Duration: SUM minutes
The targets gain an overwhelming compulsion to explore a place you can see, thoroughly inspect an object you can see, or ruthlessly question a person you can see.

3. Deep-sea Thicket
Range: 90 Feet | Target: Sum * 5 foot radius sphere | Duration: DICE hours
A thicket of deep-sea plants springs up from the ground. Inanimate objects grow fluorescent reefs on them. Living creatures are covered in a light layer of sand and saltwater.

4. Flesh-To-Salt
Range: Touch | Target: One creature | Duration: SUM minutes
Turn a fleshy chunk of the target into crystalline salt. The chunk must be the size of a head (1 DICE) | a torso (2 DICE) | a person (3 DICE) | a wagon (4 DICE) or less. It turns back at the end of the duration.

5. Fossil Prison
Range: DICE * 30 Feet | Target: One creature or object | Duration: SUM rounds in a stressful situation, or SUM minutes if it's calm
The target is frozen in time and space in a fossil-like shell. While in this shell they cannot move or act and they cannot be harmed.

6. Implant Memory
Range: Touch | Target: One creature | Duration: Permanent
Implant a false memory into somebody's mind. You get SUM words to describe the memory. This can only add memories, not erase them. If you've been acting mean to somebody and add the memory that you've been nice to them, the target will only be confused.

7. Saltwater Sphere
Range: 90 Feet | Target: SUM * 5 foot radius sphere | Duration: DICE minutes
Create a globe of saltwater. Flames go out, objects float, people begin drowning, fighting becomes sluggish. At 3 DICE you can add a shark that floats in the sphere, just for an extra sprinkle of chaos. 

8. Saltwater Subject
Range: Earshot | Target: None | Duration: DICE hours
You spend a minute vomiting a clone of yourself made of animated seawater. It wants to impress you like a child would want to make their mother proud. It will listen to and desperately obey all your verbal commands. You are able to see through this clone, but you cannot see out of your own body while seeing through the clone. It dies if it takes SUM damage or leaves the listed range. It will make you feel horribly guilty if it dies.

9. Scry
Range: Unlimited | Target: Creature you've seen earlier today | Duration: SUM minutes
Feel DICE senses from the target for the duration. You choose what senses you feel when casting, but you cannot change these senses once you've picked them.

10. Spider's Blessing
Range: Touch | Target: Self | Duration: SUM minutes
Gain DICE extra arms. They are human-sized but spider-like, so they can pierce things but cannot hold things. You are in control of these arms, although it may be hard to maneuver them if you have an odd amount of arms.

11. Tidal Bolt
Range: 30 Feet | Target: One creature | Duration: Instantaneous
A powerful blast of seawater descends upon the target. You deal SUM damage to a creature (save for half). They also must save or have DICE of the following effects applied to them:
- Their vision burns with saltwater. They are blinded for SUM rounds.
- Their lungs are filled with water. They cannot speak for SUM rounds, at least without gasping for air and puking seawater.
- Their body is infested with deep-water parasites. They need to get their clothes off themselves.
- They are pushed back SUM * 5 feet by the force of the blast.

12. Web
Range: 90 Feet | Target: SUM * 5 foot radius sphere | Duration: SUM minutes
Spray sticky webbing at an area. Creatures inside the area are tangled within the webbing and must make a save to do anything that requires freedom of movement or agility. The web has SUM hit points and is weak to fire and slashing damage. 


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